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Used in the UK to refer to someone who is stupid, idiotic, retarded etc. One who is 'thick' is a 'thicko'.
Michael: You're such a thicko. You fail every test you take. Thick as pig's shit. Useless like your mother.

Michael's son: I can't wait until I'm old enough to move out!

Michael: Me neither!

Michael's son: I HATE YOU!
by JJome February 08, 2011
An insult the equivalent of "idiot", "prat", "knobhead" etc. used in Gloucestershire, UK.
Sonny: I didn't mean to break it.
Josh: You're such a gilly!
by JJome February 08, 2011
Used to mean "lend", as in the sentence, "lend me".

Used in Gloucestershire, UK.
Jack: Mate, can you borrow me a quid?
Louis: I borrowed you a fiver like... two weeks ago and I still never got it back. So nah mate.
by JJome February 08, 2011
Something infected, disgusting or generally dirty. Especially used to refer to injuries or disabilities.

Used in Gloucestershire, UK.
Hannah: Dave's got a gammy knee after he grazed it. Looks rank.
Dave: It got gammy 'cause a bit of grit got stuck in there. Now it's infected.
by JJome February 08, 2011
An inhabitant of the town of Cheltenham, UK.
Joe: I'm a Cheltonian
Amy: Who gives a fuck?
by JJome February 08, 2011
Used as an insult, specifically as a synonym for 'idiot' or 'retard'.

Possibly a derivative of 'dunce'. Used in Gloucestershire, UK.
Chloe: How's work?
Amy: It was sound, but then they hired new people and they're all right dunnies. Specially this guy called Rob. He's the biggest dunny of all.
by JJome February 08, 2011
To laugh, especially loudly.

Used in Gloucestershire, UK.
Jamie: Mate, that thing we watched yesterday made me roar!
Neil: I know right? I showed it to Toni the other day and she was roarin' for like... half hour!
by JJome February 08, 2011

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