2 definitions by JAHaynes

1) When the person you don't like, but always wants to hang out with you shows up.

2) When person from definition 1 manages to ruin things for you without even showing up, simply by existing.
1) Oh man, we were going to have a great time out at the lake, but we were jagd by Derek.

2) Yeah Cindy and I were going to go on a date, but later in the night Derek told her I was friends with him. Now she doesn't want to anymore. His social awkwardness completely jagd me.
by JAHaynes February 27, 2008
To frat at an exceedingly high level. Participation in numerous fratty pursuits, carried out with a high level of skill or experience, constitutes fratting hard. These activities include, but are not limited to: golfing, medical school, law school, shacking, formal, mixers and sailing.
Southern fraternities frat the hardest by far, but those Betas in Nebraska are fratting hard as well.

Frat doesn't take a day off because it's partially cloudy.
by JAHaynes April 04, 2008

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