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The desire to cause someone extreme pain and/or suffering. The frying pan reference comes from the Disney movie "Tangled."
Person 1: Man, I just ate that entire dish of brownies on the counter!
Person 2: Dude, I made those for my friend!
Person 1: Sorry, dude.
Person 2: You frustrate me so much, sometimes I just wanna hit you with my coal-hot frying pan!
by J.K. Snicket March 23, 2012
(Bro-skeez-zur) (N) A term that refers to someone that you don't like or don't know very well or both. Calling someone a broskiser tells them "You're probably a very nice person, but I either don't like you or don't know you well enough to be sure." Such as answering a truth is on ask.fm from someone you don't know very well or don't like or from an anonymous hater who refuses to reveal who they are because:
A. Their parents won't allow them to reveal themselves.

B. They don't want to say it to your face because they

Or C. They're just a pansy on the Internet and in real life.
On ask.fm:
Horton: Truth is I don't know you well or what you even look like because you never post a pic of yourself on here, pansy.

Mayzie: That's nice, broskiser.
by J.K. Snicket October 19, 2013
A musical scene from a film that has little or no bearing to the plot, comes from pretty much out of nowhere, and after it's finished, no one ever speaks of it again.

This can also be used when you and your best friend do something completely random, decide that it makes no sense, and vow to never speak of it again.

Originally found in the Nostalgia Critic/Nostalgia Chick review of "FernGully 2," some of these moments are:
-The Pink Elephants from "Dumbo."
-The song at the very end of "All Dogs Go To Heaven."
-The tunnel scene from the Gene Wilder version of "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory."
Kate: So, how was the play last night?
Peter: It was okay. Herp Derp.
(Then the two just start derping for a while.)
Kate: Well, that was quite a Big Lipped Alligator Moment. Let us never speak of this randomness again.
Peter: Agreed.
by J.K. Snicket June 11, 2013
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