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cocaine or more-often crack. this term is used when two crack-heads are one the phone or in the presence of some authority figure,ie. perents ,teachers the pay phone at the police station etc etc ......and want their intentions kept a secret. particular to the SFV late 80's early 90s when white folk were still on the crack- then came nueskool
crackie 1- " dude ,wass up tonite.wanna roll some pinnersor go bolin" crackie 2- " fuk no, lets call the mule team ,score a ball of olskool, pick us some strawberries ! !" crackie 1 -" fer-sure, I'm there bro, hell I even got 40 bones to my side"
by J.ALEXANDER June 29, 2007
The oil-pipe used by tweakers to smoke meth-amphetamine or glass .commonly used term, at least in the centralS.F.V
bitch dropped the round-ball again,gotta go to chaos and git new one. Least we can make a happy-stick out of the stem.
by J.ALEXANDER June 28, 2007
term for a crack-pipe, usually used in the presence of non crack-heads, parents or THE MAN. Usually a re-furbished brillo-stuffed broken round-ball, as tweakers have a tendency to drop the ball
yep- she did it again,I heard it hit the floor. Well I'll convert the broken round-ball into yet another happy-stick!
by J.ALEXANDER June 28, 2007
any smoke shop or adult toy store that sells sex, drug paraphanalia, and rock&roll, ie. the central SFV.
we outta refill, round-balls,book bags, & red-light district,gotta go to chaos for supplies
by J.ALEXANDER June 28, 2007
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