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The reason a man doesn't have a girlfriend....

An acronym for World Of Warcraft. aka World Of Warcrack because of
its addictive nature.

A game that can help people who play it claim they work very hard... devoting more than 8 hours a day to something. A GAME...

Extreme gamers love it. Then they lose their friends and their girlfriends because it severly injures their libido. Interest in making love. Sensual feelings. And limits the time they even spend looking off the screen and at the real world.
<girlfriend> I am going to dump you if you play wow.
<wow boy> I promise I wont play games anymore.
2 months later..
<wow boy> i have super 1337 laptop on the way doo.
<other wowboy> lawlocaust. does your girlfriend know?
<wow boy> yeah.. efff her.
<girlfriend> sure hope wow can suck you off.
by J. Ramone January 17, 2009
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