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A boorish person who creates boredom all around himself or herself. boor bore
Most politicians are boor-bores.
by J E Boles June 10, 2006
Noun. A pseudo-sport for rednecks in which large and loud mud-spattered vehicles are used to tear up pristine wilderness areas and frighten helpless woodland creatures.
The Clackamas Four-Wheeling Club is based in Molalla, Oregon, near Mt. Hood National Forest.
by J E Boles February 06, 2006
Acronym for Mensa Shunning Ritual (MSR), in which members of Mensa exclude unwanted persons from their local groups.
He was kill-filed from the Mensa listserv in the local Mensa traditional MSR, or shunning ritual, so nobody would have to deal with him.
by J E Boles March 23, 2006
Noun. A large sporting event that keeps the male of the species fixated on their television screens and in perfect health for its duration. At the end of the game, those in imperfect health resume the regular rate of calls for oxygen, ambulances, and other health services across the nation. This factoid is documented at answering services for these providers everywhere.
The annual football competition so named. For example: The Super Bowl was held in Detroit in 2006.
by J E Boles February 05, 2006

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