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SUNY maritime Questioner

Are you from Long island?
Do you like Boats?
Do you like world of war craft?
Are you antisocial?
Would you prefer staying in your room all day playing on the computer?
Do you have awkward eye contact with people?
Are you a virgin?
Do you not like girls or just like hefty ones?
Are you below average in school?
Are you socially awkward?
Did you take the SATs high, and mess up?
Were you picked on in high school?
Are Friday nights board game nights?
Did you smoke way to much in high school, and this was one of your brilliant ideas?

Are you that dumb?
Are you on acid( and would like to see formations of people standing around/ marching because the kaleidoscope effect is cool)?

Do you not have a sense in fashion because uniforms are cool?

if you answered yes to one or more of these than suny maritime is a perfect school for you. located in the Bronx new york, SUNY is an excellent school for underachievers who are to afraid of life.
suny maritime maritime

"suny maritime"
"yo were we tripping balls?"
"no why"
"because i thought i saw formations of people marching in uniform and kaleidoscopic"

"you did"
"Well how can you explain the time stretching"
"dude it sucks here time goes by mad slow"
"well how do you explain the paranoid effect of people trying to give me pinks and golds"
"they are"
"so im not crazy"
"....um you did go to maritime"
is this just a bad acid trip, or somthing worst? ill report you decide.
by Its happening August 24, 2010

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