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a school in Erie, PA. It is filled with dumb asses, fake people, and dirty sluts. It is the biggest mistake in Lawerance Park. Its where you can find the majority of the drug addicts and dealers. Also home to one of the horrible sports team known to man. Teachers are shitty, lunch is shitty, and the Assistent Principal was also shitty. if you need to get laid quick you can juust walk into the school and you could walk up to almost anyone and get it in (you might want to get checked afterwords though) Iroquois is also known for the wanna be gay people in the school. they say they are gay but in all reality they just do it for attention
guy 1- Bro what school do you go to?

guy 2- i go to Iroquois High School....

guy 1- damn bro that school is filled with sluts!!!!!!!!!
by Iroquois class of 2012 June 25, 2012

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