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An unemployed Judeo-Christian male, who's wife has run off with an Arab male. Usually disgruntled...

One who prays for the end of the world, in panic hordes duct tape and plastic, when the terror alert goes from Cyan to Magenta...

A child predator seeking refuge...
Unemployed, "Dude seriously, I have no job."

Zionist, "You need to go Zionist man, Fox News, CNN are looking for Zionists... Amen."

Unemployed, "How do I go Zionist?"

Zionist, "Kill an Arab, while screaming help... Amen."

Unemployed, "Dude that don't seem right."

Zionist, "You want to work?... Amen."

Unemployed, "I guess I'm going Zionist."

Zionist, "Amen... Remember the Prince of Peace loves you."
by InkBandit June 12, 2007

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