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You all need to stop bickering. I am HALF TAMIL, HALF INDIAN. *gasp* is that so hard to believe? And I am proud of both halves of my heritage. I got my lighter skin and curly hair from my dad, my big eyes from my mum. I got brains from my mum, my love of poetry from my dad. YES, tamils DO have long names, AND WHAT? Yes, tamils ARE darker than general indians but Beauty does NOT EQUAL light skin colour. Yes, in my opinion the majority of indians are much more beautiful than tamils, but that is because of their personality and their features, NOT their skin colour. For gods sake, all of you get a grip and stop being rascist. It is ATTITUDES LIKE THIS that turn the human race into the bunch of inhuman bumbling idiots that you all are. We should work towards PROGRESSING the human race, not GOING BACKWARD. Sri lanka is RIGHT NEXT TO india. GET A GRIP SRI LANKANS AND INDIANS. BOTH OF YOU ARE DIFFERENT, BUT YOU ARE BOTH MORE SIMILAR THAN DIFFERENT. "Sri-lankan" and "Indian" are just words to describe where you're from! They in NO WAY describe your personality. You're all a bunch of fools.
That person is hindi and that person is tamil.
by Indian~Tamil October 25, 2006
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