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Vegan Vagina Juice

The most fresh and delicate tasting, most nourishing and precious substance known to mankind.
"Let's go to Whole Foods to pick up some juice."
"Why, brah? We've got plenty of fruits and veggies on hand that we can juice in the juicer."
"No bro, I don't mean that kind of juice."
"Well Whole Foods doesn't have steroids, and besides I'm vegan straight edge."
"I don't mean that kind of juice, either."
"Then what DO you mean?"
"Vegan vagina juice... VVJ."
by IndiGOvegan December 07, 2012
Vegan Penis Juice

The most fresh and manly tasting, most energizing and fortifying substance known to womankind.
"I have a question... how does your sexy vegan boyfriend's cum taste?"
"Veganlicious. I hope he gives it up tonight. Why?"
"Well my corpse-crunching, cow tit-loving husband's is rancid and makes me want to vomit. He won't go vegan let alone vegetarian. Could I 'hang out' with you guys tonight? I want me some VPJ."
by IndiGOvegan December 07, 2012
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