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A woman who is behaviorally lesbian in every way except that she sleeps heterosexually, e.g. with males. Very widespread now among women ages 32-45.
"Men are always accusing me of being lesbian because I won't date them and discard them after sex. Is it my fault I'm a hesbian?"

1. Preferring short hair over long
2. Refusing to wear girlish attire like high heels
3. Refusal to go along with heterosexual courtship behavior, e.g. calling the man first, showing independence and intelligence, refusing to conceal one's talents or intelligence to make men feel better
4. Disinclination to date
5. Disinterest in men for anything except intercourse
6. Disinterest in becoming pregnant by intercourse
7. Strong liking for gay male porn and masturbation fantasy over heterosexual porn or fantasy
by Independent hesbian chick June 10, 2007

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