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2 definitions by Incarncarne

Someone who blindly agrees with anything and everything concerning an Xbox that is positive. Tends to ignore reason, much like other fanboys. Relys on personal assaults to fend off valid accusations against his "baby".

See gamecube fanboy and playstation 2 fanboy
olololololol the xbox r bettar tehn any system!!!!!!!!
by Incarncarne April 19, 2005
A member of Seraphim Laboratories and yyy, as well as a bajillion other sites. Is part of several communities including Old School Roleplay Network, the Clockcrew, loltheinternet, the Lock Legion, Seralabs, and modDB. Internet veteran, wager of many a flame war, and old-school white-hack hacker.

Takes pleasure in hanging around places and goofing off while being a lazy fucker.
That Dragonmaw fellow seems nice. Until I pissed him off and he killed me in my sleep.
by Incarncarne April 19, 2005