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1. A super-awesome ninja from the anime naruto. He killed his clan and joined akatsuki, where his partner was kisame. Turns out he was actually a good guy, but he died kinda failishly. Is quite hot and possibly has the most fangirls of all naruto characters.
2. Super-kawaii villain. dude looks a bit like a lady. sometimes paired with his partner kisame for KisaIta or ItaKisa fans.
3. Hottest. Anime. Dude. EVER.
4. Japanese word for "weasel", a small mustelid living in many places around the world.
1. Man, it kinda sucked the way Itachi died in naruto.

2. fangirl: OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG *Squeeeeeeel!* Ita-kuuuun!!! ommmmg!!! i luv you i luuuuuv you!!! *faints*

3. Holy crap. Itachi is HOT.

4. in japanese culture, itachis, or weasels, are supposed to have cruel and cold personalities.
by Ihcati Achihu April 19, 2009

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