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The best of all prescription drugs. (except maybe morphine but its too close to call) can be bought from dealers but most commonly from your friends who most likely jacked them from One of their relatives who may or may not actually need them. Mostly intoxicating to the body And can make you do or say things that a good person would do but that's not always a good thing. (see example) pretty addictive, but generally not to the point of self destruction. DO NOT DRIVE if youre high on oxys. can make you appreciate that freakin idiot coworker until the come down where he just simply looks better with a fist in his face.

directions for use:

1. Crush up about 10-20 milligrams into a fine powder. no chunks.

2. a) With a straw snort the powder up your nose in moderation or just balls out the whole thing. If you need to you can snort a little bit of water to clear it all up your nostrils. Or....

b) Put the powder on 1 layer of toilet paper, roll it up and swallow with water.

both these methods insure a better, stronger high though generally shorter in duration. if you have an addictive personality only take the pill regularly. reason being the more oxys you put in your body the higher chance of addiction. you don't need the stronger high as it takes more for it to last thus making you addicted faster. great drug. try it out
I stole oxycodone from my mom for two weeks until They made me decide that i don't need to keep secrets from anyone. Thus me asking out my current girlfriend, and stupidly confessing to my mom about the whole thing. Did she really have to hide the drugs from me though?
by Iggi eww May 08, 2009

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