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The Solutrean people who The Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History has proven came to north america 5000 years before american Indians came from northeast Asia over the Bering land bridge

Archaeologists tracing the earliest to later sites in the Americas find that they tend to be older in south America and on the East coast of the USA. This trend is exactly opposite one would predict if the Indians were first over the Bering Strait.

Language links or similarities for many words exist between ancient Europeans and ancient Stone Age Americans. These links appear to point to the Basque people of the France/ Spain region of Europe, and the North Eastern part of North America. This overlaps almost perfectly with multiple lines of genetic evidence (Haplogroup-X and Human Lymphocyte Antigens) which also shows ancient links between Europe and the Northeastern USA. Links between these ancient languages suggests an obvious prior European migration.

The idea that Caucasian or European peoples could have migrated to and inhabited the Americas in ancient times is really not a new idea. As far back as the late 1700’s it was speculated upon. Since then people have noted physical similarity between some Indian tribes and Europeans, similarities between spearpoints, tool kits, and other artifacts. In many ways this is an open secret in the archaeological community, but has been suppressed to the general public, by the mass media.
The the Head of the Division of Archaeology at the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History Dr. Dennis Stanford, Ph.D. has shown that all Archaeological and scientific evidence points to the Solutrean peoples of Europe as being the True First Nation of North America, and therefore the real Native Americans
by Iberian connection September 24, 2011

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