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To eat a lot of food without actually having a proper meal, usually in the context of picking at food that is readily available at a buffet.
"Okay, I'm off to the buffet to graze for a while"

"Has anyone seen Susan?"
"Last I saw she was grazing in the kitchen"

by Ian Taylor March 17, 2006
1. A poker/gambling term, short for 'Expected Value'. Basically means how much you can expect to win at any gamble. For example, if you tossed a coin and I gave you a dollar if you flipped a head, then your EV is 50 cents. Often preceded by 'positive' or 'negative' where the former implies it is a good situation and the latter a negative one.

2. As above but also applied to random everyday situations where the outcome is unknown.
I had good EV on that call because the pot was so large

Chasing inside straight draws is negative EV.

You should go chat to that girl. Gotta be positive EV

Argh, Monday mornings are so negative EV.
by Ian Taylor January 30, 2006
A multi-use piece of slang that sprung up in East London around 2000.

A noun - Generally used in place of something sexual or toilet related

An adjective - Meaning similar to 'very good'

A verb - random verb replacement, used when the original verb is obvious or can be infered from the rest of the sentance.
I'm just going for a yortle
Last night I watched some porn and had a yortle

This film is totally yortle!
Dude, this is the most yortle party ever!

What a great goal, he just yortled it from 30 yards!
I was yortling along the road the other day and I ran into (insert name)
by Ian Taylor November 04, 2005
A way to describe your relationship with somebody who you originally met doing a geeky hobby (such as trainspotting, roleplaying or a science fiction fanclub), whether you still participate in that hobby or not.

It is a good way to answer awkward questions without having to, for example, describe to your new girlfriend what Magic: The Gathering is.
"Where did you guys meet"
"We're geeks-in-law"
by Ian Taylor May 16, 2006
Buying a round early in the night in order to avoid having to get a more expensive round later on. Named after the UK J D Wetherspoons chain of pubs where beer is very cheap and people often meet to start a night out.
"It was a cheap night for me, as I played a successful Wetherspoons Gambit"

"My round!"
"Damn, the Westerspoons Gambit. Nicely done."
by Ian Taylor January 09, 2008
A story reported in the media that is barely newsworthy and only included because of the lack of any better stories to fill up the allocated space/time.

It is unclear whether it originated on the British TV show 'Drop the Dead Donkey' or if it was an industry term before that.
"We're a bit light on news today. Drop in a dead donkey or two."

"An MP has just admitted he's gay, drop the dead donkey!"
by Ian Taylor July 20, 2008
The invisible item of clothing responsible for the fact you never get cold when drunk, no matter how cold it is outside and how little you are wearing.
'Aren't you cold in that t-shirt Chris?'
'No mate, I've got the beer jumper on.'
by Ian Taylor October 15, 2006

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