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Too much laughter.

Just a bit.
Man: lolololololol
Manly man: Fag. I'm going to go beat my wife and watch football now.
by Iamgod00021 September 14, 2007
This phrase is said in a sarcastic manner, mostly by Southern Americans. If it is not said in a sarcastic manner, and in an insulting way, laugh and point immediately.
Man: And then I done traded my two pigs in for a chicken!

Woman: *retarded laugh* You is stupid!


Man: Wow, you have horrible grammar.

Woman: No, you is stupid!
by Iamgod00021 November 05, 2007
"Oh Shit" Sometimes used in first person shooting games.

See Also: oh shit omg
Os! I got shot in the face!
by Iamgod00021 May 20, 2006
The year in which the world has been destroyed, all nations obliterated, and all that survives are random factions of warriors that fight for..well, who the hell knows. There are only the TANKMEN.
In 20XX, it seems there will be many cock jokes.
by Iamgod00021 May 04, 2008
It is a term from the Vietnam war that was originally used to describe the look in the eyes of front line soldiers that gave one the impression that they were ever watchful out to the 1,000 yard line (where possible) as that was considered to be the extent of the danger zone.

Later for American troops it was sometimes used, with a different intonation, to describe the vacant expression on the face of dope-heads just serving out their time
After the vietnam war, alot of people had the 1000 yard stare.....
by Iamgod00021 June 03, 2006

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