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The 44th and first black President of the United States of American. This man became President because America wanted change. Sadly, the change Obama brought is just more problems. His "Stimulus Plan" is failing...it wastes money by giving paychecks to people who have been dead for years and causes the government to waste money on tons of stored beef (yes the food) for no reason. He would like to keep on fighting the war on terrorism but cuts defense spending. Obama also wants to create a socialized healthcare system; which will only lead to a decrease in AMERICAN doctors because of $$ (opposed to foreign doctors), decreased medical research, and the gov. not being able to pay for NEEDED surguries. Obama looks at health insurrance as "not everyone can afford it" rather than "some people don't want it, don't need it, and like it the way it is".

For the majority of his career as the junior Senator of Illinois, he usually voted "present" (opposed to yay or nay). Americans love him because he is photogenic, well spoken (doesn't mean he's smart), and has family values; he is affectionate with his wife (Michelle) in public and claims to love Sponge BOB...Since when does being a kind lovable movie star qualify one to become President?

Personally, I'm not sure why Americans voted him into office. The man doesn't believe in SALUTING the American flag (saluting is protocol and a custom, not doing it is like giving America the finger), he can't even prove he's a US citizen by birth certificate, he wants to close the base at Guantanamo Bay (terrorists are not citizens nor soldiers; they don't deserve rights, and legally cant recieve them; why set them free when they are trying to harm American values?) HE"S NOW CHANGING IT BACK TO THE WAY BUSH HAD IT- DEALING WITH IT CORRECTLY, he thinks waterboarding is torture (it causes necessary discomfort, real torture is mutilation; BTW waterboarding kept a terrorist attack in LA from ever happening), and finally Obama claims to not be racists toward whites...but he is.
Funny how damn near all of hollywood, the gay community, and christians voted for this guy. 1) he is against gay marriage...woops sorry adam and steve 2) he is for abortion...man did that piss off Notre Dame but, YOU voted for him.

This guy is a joke. He is living proof that Americans care more about the personality of their President rather than his/her qualifications and political ideals.

John McCain should have been President. Yes, he wanted to continue the war in Iraq...we have to finish what we started. McCain would have been a great trasition from Bush to whom ever would have been after McCain. Instead, America voted in Obama, which was too drastic of a change too soon esp since it is with a man who is not qualified to hold out nation's highest position.
Barack Obama= "NOBAMA in 2012"
Barack Obama= "One Big Ass Mistake America"
Barack Obama= "Baraka Obama" (for all you Mortal Kombat fans)
by Iamcorrectyouarenot August 03, 2009

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