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Rukshanda is the name given to a beautiful, bodacious woman that has a really ugly son. Her voluptuousness captivates the eyes of all her son's friends. Her thighs jiggle with such motion that one seems to forget all sense of time and place and her breasts compare to those of Jinwoo's. Occasionally, the majestic creation will hunt one of her son's friends and pounce upon him like a lion pouncing upon young calf.
Me: Yo, have you seen that kid's mom, Rukshanda?

Friend A: Yo, that bitch got a fat ass.

Me: You already, boi.

Friend B: How is that ho so hot yet her son ugly as shit?

Me: Sometimes genetics fucks up son...

Friend A: Tru shit..
by I_Love_Saad October 05, 2011

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