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When used as an adjective, it means something undesirable, sketchy, or untrue. Completely interchangeable with bullshit.
She said you were her first? That's booty.

What a load of booty.

This place is booty, let's go choke ourselves in the shower.
by IZazz January 18, 2011
A shitstorm of such epically huge proportions that it blocks out the sun and throws the world into a stinky, everlasting night. Metaphorically, of course.
My mom found my Perc 30's. She is sharpening a knife, and my dad is preparing to waterboard me. What a colossal shitstorm I have screwed myself into!
by IZazz January 18, 2011
Noun- When you wear tight pants or pull your pants up so they are snug against your groin, highlighting your package for all the world to see.
Michael wouldn't get off the phone with his girlfriend, so we all showed him our boy bands to distract him.
by IZazz June 07, 2011
Verb- A synonym for gangbang.
I'm going to get three of my best friends and party-fuck you like a sophomore at a private school.
by IZazz June 07, 2011
When you put both balls into a girls (or guy's, we don't judge) asshole and s/he farts them back out. A satisfactory "pop" can be heard if done correctly
I was feeling a little adventurous so I had my girlfriend give me a Chillicothe Cannon Ball
by IZazz February 13, 2012

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