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In online gaming, the term elohim refers to a player who exhibits god-like skills far surpassing those of leet gamers. This player can usually be heard laughing at the pathetic attempts of those who try to best him but end up quitting the match or stay and get owned. The elohim is always someone who follows the way of teh lulz for it is only through the teachings and discipline of teh lulz that one can achieve such god-hood. Be warned, if an elohim is encountered, he will surely be partied with his fellow members of teh lulz who have received the blessings of his elohim powers through host sprinkles.
"Our elohim powers were at absolute maximum that match."

"I just elohim'd that guy, he had no idea."

Noob: "I got this guys don't worry" Elohim: "I don't think so" Noob: *Gets oneshotted* "WTF!!!" "*insert gamertag* has left the game" Elohim: "LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL"
by ICEMANx90 March 23, 2010

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