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1 definition by IAmNotRacist3333333

The reason why we have vegetables and fruit in our grocery stores. And the reason why our lawn looks so great.
White Guy #1: Dude, I dont want to mow my lawn today.

White Guy #2: Dude, Do you have 5 dollars?

White Guy #1: Yeah, why?

White Guy #2: Go behind Home Depot, and say ¿Quién quiere hacer 5 dólares segar mi césped?"

White Guy #1: What does that mean?

White Guy #2: Who wants to make 5 dollars mowing my lawn? Then about 5 or 6 mexicans will jump in the back of your truck and then you drive to your house and then they'll do the rest.
by IAmNotRacist3333333 March 08, 2010