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2 definitions by I love men very much

The ultimate source of all EVIL
Men cause war
Men cause pain
Men hate women
Men hate everyone who's different
Men are obsolete
Man will destroy the world
by I love men very much January 26, 2010
An ifeminist is a FAKE feminist that DOES:
1. blindly agree with MRA, the Evangelical Religious Right, Pat Robertson, Rush Limbaugh, or any other PinC far right group or person on EVERY fucking issue without any knowledge on the issue in question (unlike REAL feminists)
2. whore herself out to the masculinist "we have more rights and we want even more rights" con artists (unlike REAL feminists)
3. become a Stepford wife whose only point in life is to serve, cook, clean, suck, and bear 5 sons who will support their father in his slander of women (unlike REAL feminists)
4. believe women are inferior to men and deserve to be treated like shit and "slammed and beaten", as a masculinist (= misogynist) wrote in the woman section (unlike REAL feminists)
5. deny the self-evident and well established fact that we live in a patriarchy in which men make all the important decisions and systematically disadvantage women (unlike REAL feminists)
6. pretend that problems like terrorism, war, rape and domestic violence are gender neutral; 10000000 raped women against 10 men is "neutral" to her (unlike REAL feminists)
7. become intolerant of dissent from one's own political beliefs (unlike REAL feminists)
8. buy into fascist political incorrectness; "nigger" and "cunt" is how she greets people on the street (unlike REAL feminists)
9. believe guns, porn, etc. are super and 5-year old should play with a bazooka while watching 5 men gang-rape a woman (unlike REAL feminists)
10. advocate hypocritical masculinist propaganda that preaches how evil and inferior women are (unlike REAL feminists)
11. view sick and misogynist masculists as her pimps because she was brainwashed by them in Stepford (unlike REAL feminists)

An ifeminist is a masculinist suicide bomber in training. She targets women and her order is "destroy". She whores for masculinist (= misogynists = Nazis) who ignore all evidence to the contrary and LIE LIE LIE that men are oppressed while women aren't. And those men have the fucking audacity to DEMAND MORE. Always more.

An ifeminist celebrates "masculinity" at the expense of women who are already treated like the scum of the earth. She wants women to have as few rights as possible. The less, the better. She wants dogs to be treated better than women. She wants to abolish equal rights and make women completely subservient to men.

She is a Nazi. She is Sarah Palin. "She" is Pat Robertsen, "she" is Rush Limbaugh and every other man whose dick she sucks.

She is the tool which is supposed to destroy feminism, the fight for equality and, eventually, women.
by I love men very much February 20, 2010