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This hate-pit of a website that has been invaded by stupid teenyboppers. Here, women bitch about men 24/7 to take out their frustrations, and men right horrid, disgusting definitions about sexual acts towards women. Others like to whine about video games, their parents, their friends that we've never even met and comic books. Originally intended for slang, but good luck with any of that.

This moderator-less hunk of junk is fueled by only stereotypes and hatred, with editors that can't do their job for shit. This is my 3rd time trying to add this definition, while complete and utter bullshit gets put on here.
The following example is a REAL Urban dictionary "definition":

Boys- fuck them all there all out there everywhere to either break your heart, make your life missrible, or just ruin your life completely. sometimes there wonderful and everything but then they turn, mean are all cheaters they will do it at least once in your relationship, there liers and they all are so ladys DONT BELEAVE REALLY ANYTHING THAT THEY SAY to you cuz most of the time there just trying to either get you in bed or just want a girlfriend so say they got one, well what i say about them is just FUCK THEM ALL and just DONT TRUST THEM AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!
by I hate makings namessss August 01, 2010

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