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14 definitions by I gotta be me

To take another dose of laxatives
Joe was still constipated and decided to relax.
by I gotta be me May 30, 2011
A cross between a tiger and a pig
Thati new guy sure runs hot and cold, what a tig.
by I gotta be me January 16, 2012
Person who has been house bound(an invalid) ventures out of the house on a trial basis.
Joe may cancel meals on wheels if he can remain an outvalid.
by I gotta be me May 12, 2011
Partial exposure of the penis usually by teenage boys wearing their pants well below the waist. Akin to women's cleavage and plumber's crackage.
Several boys were suspended from school for displaying cockage
by I gotta be me February 18, 2013
A person married to his or her spouse for the sole purpose of becoming a legal resident
Roy hoped Mia would accept his wedding proposal and be his paper mate.
by I gotta be me June 26, 2013
A herb used to treat feline insomnia
I must stop by the vet and pick up some katonic for ny sleep deprived cat.
by I gotta be me April 14, 2013
A female bully
Sue, the school bullette, took the girls lunch moneyt
by I gotta be me December 31, 2012