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1. the opposite of GOOD. See some of the synonym tags below.

2. tough, cool, macho, poised, refined, alright, reserved, studly, get the idea? You don't have to be a man to be bad - some women fit into this category too. Also, "bad" isn't exclusively for straight people either. There are many gay men (and women) who are "bad" too. "Badness" is a description of a personality and character, not a shallow imitation.

3. Michael Jackson's famous album from 1987. It entered the album charts at Number One ( a rare feat at the time) and scored several big hits like the previous 1982 classic album "Thriller". However this time a new chart record was also achieved: BAD scored FIVE Number One hits - "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" (with Siedah Garrett), the title track (... I'm bad, I'm bad, you know it...really really bad..."), "The Way You Make Me Feel" (... ain't nobody's business...), "Man In The Mirror" (...make that change!), and "Dirty Diana" (come ON!). Check it out.

4. B.A.D. or

is a neighborhood club set up by Al Bundy on the TV show "Married With Children".

5. BAD is also



a clubby techno dance rock band formed by Clash guitarist Mick Jones around 1984. They made innovative albums and in 1990 a new lineup resulted in BAD II. They're best known for their 1991 hit "Rush", about this time their music became oversampled big time. A few years later the band became just "Big Audio". They split up about a year afterward. The first BAD incarnation made the best stuff like "The Bottom Line" and "C'mon Every Beatbox".
1. Stay away from Vanessa, Rico. She is bad news. A real bad apple.

2. My girlfriend is a smoker but she keeps trying to quit. She says to me to don't ever start, it's a bad habit.

3. Billy Idol is one bad dude. You can tell by his songs, his videos, his sneer and his shows. They don't call him an "idol" for nothing!

4. U2 made a tune called "Bad". So have other people. Also, George Thorogood has proclaimed himself to be "Bad To The Bone". So have the reggae band Inner Circle on a different tune of the same name. They also scored a big hit "Bad Boys" (the theme from COPS).

5. Michael Jackson's BAD album had a chart run that lasted for the rest of the decade. The hits kept on a-comin'.

6. Al Bundy established his BAD club during one of the first few seasons of the show, IOW while it still had some funny elements to it, before it "jumped the shark".

7. Big Audio Dynamite's second album had Mick Jones' Clashmate Joe Strummer make a guest appearance on it.
by I Remember Now July 23, 2009
an embarrassment for America that the entire planet, no, the entire UNIVERSE saw. It exposed the incompetence, stupidity and uncaring attitudes that have plagued the U.S.A. for a long time.
1.I saw TV coverage of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina had come and left. A TV news reporter was there, talking about gangs looting, shooting and causing trouble. Several thousands were without electricity, shelter, food, drink, medicine, restroom facilities and other essentials that were needed NOW. The reporter spoke about how the National Guard, Red Cross, disaster relief and others were "blocked" from entering the city because "the gangs were too violent and were preventing help from getting in". Yeah, right. The Guard and the relief could've mowed down them stupid gangstas with their large vehicles. There were some armored cars for Pete's sake! The sun had just set and the TV idiot talked about "the city descending into anarchy", and yet relief didn't get in for nearly a fucking week! This display of gross incompetence was seen all over the world and it showed in living color the incompetence, corruption and absolute STUPIDity rampant in America.

On top of that, some people elsewhere were saying "why should we rebuild New Orleans? It was built six feet below sea level!". Cretins! Ignorant IDIOTS! Then some people around here were distributing some boneheaded paper about "how God sent this hurricane to punish the city for having a "fag-fest" (I looked it up - it refers to "Southern Decadence". It's some sort of cultural fair for gay people. There's nothing kinky, bizarre or offensive about what the festival goers do there. It's pretty much a "cultural" pride celebration with many activities - none sexual). Then why don't God destroy San Francisco? I've been there and other cities have many gays.

Anyway, after relief FINALLY came to the Crescent City the residents were given pseudo-credit cards to make needed purchases. Soon the TV news broadcasts were showing some people abusing the relief cards to get their hair cornrowed, to get tattoos, buy TVs and more. Guess what color those few select relief fund wasters were?

You get one guess.

2. Dick Head: Looka them coons misusing their free ride from the government!

Me: *** POW!!! (I jack slap this moron on his concrete head so hard he falls out of the LaZ Boy chair and onto the floor). ***

Man, this ignorant, crass attitude really pisses me off BIG TIME! And all that time the geeky TV imbeciles who were looking for journalism awards later on were just standing around dumbly. But worst of all some of the American public were so callous, so crass, so comfortably dumb from years of indifference, ignorance, and a shit happens outlook (not to mention the showing of war as entertainment and the ignored recession)- this is a markedly vivid and clear case of what was wrong in America in the 21st century. The hairbrained response and media coverage of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath is a like a pus filled boil, worst than a zit. It's an absolute shame, an embarassment of the highest degree. A total disgrace. Complete unexcusable bullshit. No excuse whatsoever.
by I Remember Now July 08, 2009

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