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A totalitarian, patriarchal, expansionist political system disguised as a religion. It was founded by Muhammad, an illiterate Arabian warlord with a God-complex in the 7th century. Islam means submission. The basic tenet of Islam is that all non-Muslims must submit to Muslims, and all women must submit to men.

Islam is focused on confronting and converting people of other faiths and religions - and it is traditionally spread through war, violence, terror, coercion and pressure. Whenever there is a significant Muslim minority in a country, friction and violence is inevitable until Islam gains dominance. The victims are given the choice to convert to Islam, live as a dhimmi (protected minority) and pay a jizya (protection money / tax), or be killed or run out of their native land. It's impossible to officially covert out of Islam or change religions, according to Islamic law. Islam considers non-believers to be infidels and Islamic "holy" texts permit violence and jihad against them.

As of 2010, Islam has taken over 47 countries which now have an Islamic majority. The goal of Islam is to take over the entire world and revert humanity back to the 7th century - as a means of achieving peace and harmony -- through completely dominance and obliteration of theological diversity.
A muslim is typically someone whose ancestors were forced to convert to Islam under the threat of death or violence.
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by I Love Freedom September 29, 2010
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