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Beer ball is a game in which the object is to finish your beers before the other team. What you need
1.4 players and a can of their favorite beer
2. some ping pong balls
3. a large room or yard for play(the larger the play area is the harder the game becomes)
4. beer pong/banquet table.

The game begins with two players standing on opposing sides of the table (similar to beer pong) with the players UNOPENED can of beer in front of them placed on the corner of the table. Players take turns throwing a ping pong ball at the opposing teams beer cans. If struck the the person who threw the ball must open their beer and begin drinking as fast as they can. The person who's can was struck must grab the ball and place it on the table and say DONE as fast as possible (this is where the large play area make the game more interesting since the ball can pretty much go anywhere). Once this is done the person drinking must stop immediately. Once both people on a team have thrown the other team can then throw. You may throw at any time, you do not have to wait for both persons to throw their ball, If a ball misses a can it is dead. The object of the game is for you and your partner to finish your beers before the other team finish theirs.
"Dude i got so drunk off Beer Ball last night"

"I almost fell over chasing that ping pong ball"
by I B T P F R March 05, 2009

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