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A passive , tough as nails male with a high sex drive , big penis , intelligence and athletic capabilities. usually non racist and hated upon by the blacks and many other people who will just stay quiet about it.Hated because we are real,strong and talented. Desired by horny girls who want a cock fucking and observant woman who are able to read that we are the best.
Most polish guys are tall , well built , able to be romantic and tough. Polite but not suck up and stand there grounds.When a polish guy commits and believes in something you better back out because he will bust your face if you are an asshole.
Polish guys are calm and they will remain polite . If you read them wrong and go in for your little kill you may trigger something in the polish boy that he does not accept and then you will be unhappy. If he does not react to you it doesn't mean hes a pussy he just doesn't give a fuck about you or what you are saying.
by I AM A POLISH BOY September 22, 2010

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