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A sexual position: It involves one guy ejaculating in the woman's mouth after fellatio. The woman now spits the semen into the guys asshole. After the semen is lodged in the guy's asshole, the guy either farts or shits on the woman's face.

Note: Not limited to a guy and a girl; can be with more than one guy
He gave me the best California Cream Pie last night! It's still in my hair!
by Hugh G. Rekshinn October 23, 2009
1) Empty your bowels.
2) DO NOT FLUSH THE SHIT! Put it in a baggie
3) Put the shit (bag and all) in the freezer until desirably frozen
4) Once frozen, use said shit as a sex toy, specifically a dildo
Why purchase a dildo when you can perform the Alaskan Chili Dog? Its easy, free, and you just can't beat the pleasure!
by Hugh G. Rekshinn October 23, 2009
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