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A made up region on the online game nation states. SHland was made by Matt and Mike who both speak russian and have shifty eyes. Their rival is Huge Weasels who call SHland scum (which they are). The two regions are always at war. SHland stands for Sadam Hussien Land.
SHland is scum. don't ally with them go with Huge Weasels
by Huge Weasels April 29, 2005
Huge Weasels is a great made up Nation from the game www.nation states.net. If you own a nation join the Forbidden Land of the Weasels. Huge Weasels rivals are Shland, do not ally with them. Check out Huge Weasels by going to nation states and search for Huge Weasels.
Huge Weasels are an amazing nation

Join the Forbidden Land of the Weasels
by Huge Weasels April 29, 2005

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