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a person normally clad in addidas extra stripe (or addidas miss a stripe) whom forages in skips looking for discarded items to sell.also a derogatory term for any bitch that looks like a proper minger
why dont u fuck off you skip rat.
by hoggy July 15, 2003
Usually found around city centers in Stolen/Traded for drugs Vauxhall Novas and Ford Escorts. Easy to spot in a car, due to £3000 of stereo in the car, along with a noisy as f*ck exhaust, even though there car is a 1.2, and the fact that they put their name, and their girlfriends/sisters name on a white stipe on the windscreen.

Also wears poor quality rip-offs of expensive brands such as Burberry and Nike.

Also known as a "Danny" due to the fact that most of them have that name.
Also has a poor taste in women (usually 15 year old who only stays with him for the fact that he can get fags)
Pikey: Wanna race, my Fiat Pandas well fast
You (in massive BMW) : Your thick as fuck but Ok
You: Precede to accelerate until you reach Scotland, whereas Pikey Panda simply catches fire at the lights because of poorly wired audio equipment
by Hoggy June 13, 2004

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