1 definition by Hillbilly lipper

An enormous hillbilly beast that is from the way down south in the states of South Carolina and Lousiana. Dips grizzly, kayak, and cope if he scrounge a couple diddle dollars together to buy it. He squeals with the sound of shelby stanga harmonica/banjo solo's and destroys tins in seconds in your home. He easily dips the most and can kill goats...
Jake: Oh shit the skiddlepeet is coming to town.
Gary: Best hide your tins, hide your wife, he rapin errbody out dere.
Jake: you fucking nigger!
Skiddlepeet: reeeeetttt!! who said nigger!@?!?!? peetdeeetskreeeeett!!!
jake: oww wtf *skeet*= dead
Gary" *truck boat truck starts up* flies down country road
skiddlepeet: i can fly reeeterooo!!!!
Gary: dead
skiddlepeet: i am the tin master commander reetetertwertwertergfpggettt!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Hillbilly lipper March 19, 2011

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