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A command used by SWAT teams or any other paramilitary organization that utilizes a flash bang/flash-bang grenade to disable hostiles in a room that is being cleared.
Red Team, stack up on that door and bang it. Go when ready.
#breach bang and clear #flashbang #flash-bang #less-than-lethal #swat
by Hilamonsta February 21, 2006
Where someone who only speaks English is when they inadvertantly enter a chatroom where a non-Enlgish European language is being used exclusively.

Can also generally be applied to being culturally suffocated by an unfamiliar European culture.
I was on my favorite site and joined the poker game, but when I got there everyone was speaking Turkish.... I was in Eurohell for hours until some Aussie and a Brit joined the game
#euro-hell #europe #english #usa #language #culture
by Hilamonsta June 30, 2006
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