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A form of fellatio practiced in 19th century England. A woman, (or man), takes a mouthfull of warm milk and then inserts the penis into the mouth, and, warm milk. After ejaculation, the ejaculate/milk is poured into the tea, and consumed with crupmets.
-"Care for a swishle?"

-"I say, tis a splendid evening for a swishle! Rightio!"

-"Drop your knickers, i'll go put the kettle on."

-"Jolly good!"
by Herman Tiowish June 19, 2005
Male, Actor, Secret ruler of the Galaxy.

First came on the scene in Steven Speilberg's "Empire of the Sun".

Best known for his portrayal of Patrick Bateman in Mary Harron's translation of "American Psycho", written by Brett Easton Ellis.

Lost over 60 pounds to play Trevor Reznik in "El Maquinista", endangering his chance of playing Batman in "Batman Begins", which he would film directly afterwards.

Revived the "Batman" franchise in 2005 (with some help from Cillian Murphy, Gary Oldman, Liam Neeson, and Ken Watanabe)in forementioned, "Batman Begins".

Is the best actor of the 21st century.(If you dont know that yet, you will soon ;)
"Yea that part in American Psycho where Christian Bale is chasing that hooker naked through the apartment building with a chainsaw is pretty sick... you wanna get the three for 5 at Domino's?"
by Herman Tiowish June 19, 2005

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