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3 definitions by Henry Egilsson III

The practice of not wanting gelantinous substances to exist.
Mommy, I wonder...is there all the wilgeldungsspierhalt in my life there could be.
by Henry Egilsson III December 10, 2004
Although true that the MNPA was involved in small scale brainwashing atrocities they have been largely misrepresented in historical records. It´s founding member Ingjaldur Magnus Member, born in Lapland originally conceived the junta to oppose the legislation to outlaw jingoistic, lappish tea-drinking traditions, soon found himself brainwashing citizens indiscriminately. In 2046 the "loco lap" as he came to be known was assissinated. Jan Saemund Kristleifsson, his successor was believed to be behind Ingjaldur´s gruesome murder. His body was found in a New Oslo sauna where he had been incarcerated for three years until finally succumbing to dysentery. Jan Saemund quickly started to focus the MNPA´s considerable resources to eradicate the practice of wilgeldungspierhalt.
This rapidly lost him supporters within the MNPA, and after the assassination of Emperor Gissur, the ranks of the MNPA dwindled to near-extinction, lost to the ravages of meta-war during the rise of the Kattegat Channel Conflict. He was assassinated by his lieutenants in 2051, who having become dissilliusioned by Jan's obsession dismantle the MNPA.

Ragnar Michael, Jan's 2nd in command became the Eurasian Minister of Information, and is believed to have started a campaign to defame Jan Saemundur and the MNPA, condemning them to the historical gulag.
You are quite the rowdy MNPA
by Henry Egilsson III December 10, 2004
Used in reference to the vulgar lappish tradition of pouring volatile horse-manure tea down the throats of foreigners, usually resulting in extreme paranoia and occasional outbreaks of dysentery.
It was a terrible affair, they went lappish tea-drinking traditions on the poor guy.
by Henry Egilsson III December 10, 2004