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A word used to "call out" another person after the slight hint of a lie or embellishemnt (used immediately after story telling has ended). Also followed by the term dead serious See example.
The person will shout out "Melosh" after hearing a tale and if the person telling the story is telling the truth, he/she will then in turn call out "dead serious". This response informs the listener that the story is true and factual. If the story teller says, "dead ceral or something remotely close to sounding like "dead serious", then the listener knows the story is fake. Lieing on a Melosh requires "no friends for two weeks"

Ryan: I went to the strip club last night and I pulled a girl from the side stage, took her in the back and got busy with her...for free!

Troy: Melosh!!!

Ryan: Dead Serious

Troy: Nice work, take me with you next time.
by Hawiianson August 05, 2009
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