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A blogging website, believed to be now owned by Viacom (Google/CBS Nazis)and once owned by a man named Tom, in which is most responsible for the popularity of scenes and random holidays. Due to the sites popularity it is used mostly for plausibility. This is done by comedians, musicians, and (as usual) politicians. The stereotypical Myspace user is a male/female who has over 1000 friends (half of which he does not know), has over 30 photos of the same pose done over in odd angles, often makes frequent and random bulletins of begging for people to comment them and their pictures.

Warning: This site has been known to ruin friendships. (Look at the example)
Pathetic Friend: ZOMG!!1 Y AM I NOT IN YOUR TOP (8)??!!!11

Victim of Mypace: What? Oh, I just haven't been on in a while.
Does it really matter?

Pathetic Friend: Yess it does!!1 I hav u at numba 3!!1 Evn (inset name) is on thur and u dont even tlk 2 her!!1 WTF!1......

Victim of Myspace: Oh, sorry. I really didn't think it mattered. I'll change, don't worry.

The person who was replaced is now pissed off, and he is now
torn between two friends over something that is now much of a big deal...
by Hater of Scenes May 13, 2007

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