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Free, limited cable TV that one can access by connecting directly, without a box, to the cable outlet in an urban apartment building, typically New York City. Such access usually includes the major broadcast channels, public access, the "UN Channel" and the Food Network.
Hipsterette: "You going to watch The Sopranos tonight?"
Hipster: "No, I'm gonna watch some NOVA and a shitty movie on TBS. I only get building cable."
by Harvey Wallbanger III April 19, 2006
Pejorative term for emo rock.
"After his girlfriend broke up with him, George locked himself in his room all day listening to sad boy rock. A little more Death Cab, or Bright Eyes, and I would've had to pry a razor from his hands."
by Harvey Wallbanger III June 21, 2006
To get wasted off of Chimay, the great Belgian Beer, brewed by Trappist Monks.
I drank 2 bottles of Grande Reserve last night- and got chmitfaced!
by harvey wallbanger III May 04, 2005
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