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RATM, short for Rage Against The Machine, a very unpleasent rock band, with lyrics you cant understand as its mainly screaming, you hear abit of their swearing, they like to sing about killing.

Most people had never heard of them till 2009, when they ruined the Christmas number 1 chart with their unpleasent song "Killing in the name"

Sorry but an alternative to X Factor should be something more pleasent & more known.

But one thing thats hillirious is they where only number 1 for that 1 week and then vanished forever thankgod, now we can go back to the music that isnt miserable.

Most urban dictionary users are fans of Rage Against The Machine, so basically they will give this entry a hundred thumbs down, but they are tone deaf.

Come on its all miserable full of screaming, swearing and singing about killing.
by Happyness music March 24, 2011

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