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Rage Against The Machine, the worst rock band ever that ruined Christmas only because they think that we dont really like X Factor winners and we are brainwashed.
I was getting bored of X Factor winners getting Christmas number 1 but really couldnt they have picked something nicer?

RATM, a rockband hardly anyone has ever heard of until late 2009, they are angry losers who shout and swear and sing about killing in their only really known song "Killing in the name" I think most people probably believe they where just a one hit wonder.

To all the people that gives this thumbs down are just miserable losers that like Rage.
Rage Against The Machine.

Real music fan: How could something so miserable win Christmas number 1.
Rage fan: Because it rockz, I just love music full of screaming, swearing and death.
Real music fan: sorry but ill just stick to pop as its not miserable, as the world already is miserable.
by Happy Music Fan March 24, 2011
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