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3 definitions by Hannahbear

Used in the movie Brokeback Mountain. Deeply analyzed; in fact, it's a term for anal sex because of the rosebud-like appearance of the anus.
"(Jack)Twist, you guys wasn't gettin' paid to leave the dogs babysittin' the sheep while you stem the rose."
by HannahBear December 22, 2006
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a surprise hug from behind. when some one glomps you their giving you a surprise hug from behind c:
Boy: *Glomps (insert name here)*
by Hannahbear December 27, 2012
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like emo, but preppier. some might even suggest that it is emo, with a new name, and rather less wrist-cutting. often characterized by tight pants, checkers, stripes, multitonal hair, and short, choppy, straight haircuts.
Anna wanted to hang out with the scene kids, but her hair had not been highly processed and straightened yet.
by HannahBear December 12, 2006
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