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Excess Bung Mung or Shit caused by a result in bad wiping practices. In laymen terms, excess shit on or around your ass.
I took a shit and couldn't get rid of the excess bung mung...


She was performing a Rusty Trombone and mentioned i had some excess Bung Mung and continued..


A girl I met at the bar visined my Drink and thoroughly enjoyed my Bung Mung later that night....
by Halcom m ybalzitch May 30, 2009
A robot or human who performs an oral sexual act at any given time of the day without consent or knowledge of the oral sexual act.

Or Drugs or physical force may be involved, where the drone will be forced into oral sex through the use of GHB or a swift punch to the dome...
My sister is my Gag drone, but she doesn't know it yet....
by Halcom m ybalzitch May 30, 2009

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