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In the gay fetish community, referring to a particular Male on Male intercourse position, with a large bodied and exceptionally hairy man often known as Bears and usually a smaller smooth shaven Male (though not always). In this position the Bear male lies on the edge of a couch, bed or flat elevated surface upon his back (hence, "Fur Down"), with legs lifted pointing to the ceiling, tightly held together, offering his rectum for penetration by the partner. Variations then occur between completely submissive Bear, to Bear wrapping his calves around his partners head, invoking a choking effect that pleasurably asphyxiates the partner.
Lance and Big Tom left the Club together, but couldnt wait to get home to enjoy each other's company so they stopped at the City Park for some quick fun. After a little front seat action in the truck, Big Tom wanted more. They got out, folded down the tailgate, with Big Tom laying Fur Down, allowing Lance deep forceful penetration while Big Tom latched on to Lance's neck with his meaty,hairy calves. Like well experienced partners, they managed to coordinate their "releases" with Lance stimulating Big Tom's prostate and Big Tom slowly squeezing his calves around Lances neck...
by Hair Bear Bill September 22, 2005

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