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5 definitions by Hadley Keenan

slang term for having semen staines in your underwear. the excuse of 'i spilled yogurt' often the common excuse for having a semen stain anywhere on clothing, and is the reason for this name being given.
*man points at another man with stains in pants*

man - ugh, he's got yogurt pants !
by Hadley Keenan November 16, 2006
31 17
offensive term for a black person, name given because of bournville chocolate, and its dark colour
man 1 : is winston there

Man 2 : who ?

Man 3 : you know, bournville
by hadley keenan November 19, 2006
9 2
Word used for sports student, or member of the Winchester fourths football team. Givenb because of thier liking of drinking the captains piss at the end of football matches, before all going 'uuuuuhhhh', followed by a gourmless look and an arm raised in the air.
Man walks past Window - "the fourths won 2-0 uuuuuhhhh"

Me to Matt - The piss drinkers are outside
by Hadley Keenan June 25, 2007
11 5
Nickname that can be given to someone who frequently masterbates.
Is Mr spurt having a wank again
by Hadley Keenan November 16, 2006
4 0
an expression used if you wish to sample or taste something. mainly used instead of the word 'sip', but can also be used for other actions such as looking brifely at an object and sampling a computer game
Ooop whats that you got there, the new flavour of tango ? can i have a little suntle ?

oop the new fifa, can i have a little suntle before i go out ?
by Hadley Keenan June 25, 2007
2 3