1 definition by GuitardHero88 Xbox Live

A person who blends to a womans desire in order to win her over to fill his lustful desires
You see a girl at the bar who is hot, emo, punk, goth, mexican, cacausian, black, asian, middle-class, upper-middle class, and or rich

You go and sit at the bar next to the lady

You then engage in remote conversation about rich and successful your life is, but make sure to bend a different way to a different pop-culture if you know these won't be applicable

At this point you have to have already figured out what backup intel you need to ensure that your not caught, because she is gonna wanna know your sources.

Make sure not to go under yarns about anything personal or eventful, because 9 times outta 10 she might have an iPhone(come on people now days...Yeah iPhone owner) so make sure to be very vague, but not too vague.

After getting a successful convo in buy her a drink of her choosing.

After engaging in a real heart to heart, you are pretty much on the train to successful Chameleonism, but your not there yet.

Make sure to always contour yourself, and almost resort to mimicry if applicable to keep her talking to you.

Make sure to always dress according to who you wanna pick up the night.
by GuitardHero88 Xbox Live April 10, 2010

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