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A hoax created by Al Gore to make people believe they were killing the earth. While his goal to make us think about our impact on the environment is noble, he needs to stop being a media whore and looking for attention after he lost the election. Back to the facts. GLOBAL WARMING IS NOT REAL. Actual scientists have proven that the earth and it's ozone are not affected by us as much as we think. People assumed it was real because of the fact that the ice caps are slowly melting, but most people don't realize they have been melting ever since the last ice age. Another fun fact, places closer to the equator having been getting colder. In fact, the midwest set multiple records for snowfall. Even southern nevada and south carolina got snow. If you still don't believe me, then go hug a tree you vegan pussy.
Al Gore: As we can see by this graph, if things continue the way they are, the earth will be destroyed by global warming...and manbearpig... I'm super cereal.

Everyone with a brain: no, its not Mr. Gore, you're just in denial over the election results.
by Gsyk1370 June 12, 2011

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