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1 definition by GroundedSausage

The god of all hipsters. In Kansas, he sits in his thrown and commands orphans to detassle corn. On the holiest of holiest days, he puts on a spectacle in his Californian secret layer where he informs his fellow members of what the world is doing. This is mainly because when you watch the PhillipDefrencoShow, a hormone is activated in your brain called Sit-In-Room-After-School-and-Wait-For-Stuff-Phil-Likes-to-Play-In-Your-Suburban-Basement Hormone. It was a hormone developed in the late 90's in Area 51 when an experiment went completely wrong and radiation mutated everyone in the worlds' brain so that a tiny segment hosts a protein forming this chemical. When activated, the sight of Sanjay Goopta and CNN repels your soul away from the screen. In some cases, people have gone insane and destroyed their televisions. Some top scientists (who are now exiled to Kenya, forced to live on fly feces and the tapeworms hosted in dead 4-year-old bodies) have speculated that the Defranco Nation will consume half of the world's population by 2050. Topeka, Kansas will be the capital of this newly formed nation, just before the evil robot nazis who are also zombies try to claim dominance. With The Army's portal guns, the evil robot nazis who are also zombies are sucked into the moon, and the world shall be under one union, led by our overlord, Phillip DeFranco (and his trillions of babies)

With this information, will you CLIGGITYCLACKDATLIKEBUTTUN!?
"Avete magni Defranco Philip! Qui contra mare magnum commotis peribunt ardens oleo!"

--The great chant of the nation
by GroundedSausage September 21, 2011