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A Cross between small and medium.

A person who wears shirts that are too small.
Ben: Hey look, Ryan is wearing his Schmedium shirt again.
by GreensboroMDMike September 13, 2005
When something is going to be cool, such as a party or a girls booty
Ben: Yo dude you down for this vish party in CP tonight brah'
Ryan: No doubt, most vish
by GreensboroMDMike August 31, 2005
An Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Channel on irc.slashnet.org. The acronym stands for Assholes, Perverts and Underachievers, which are the main users of the channel.
APu has a mix of every race, even 1 closet homosexual, a blind guy, a real flaming homosexual and even a amputee!
by GreensboroMDMike August 11, 2006
The liquid'ish substance that forms between the cheeks of your buttox after sitting for an extended period of time after not fully wiping after a bowel movement. It is usualy light in color (resembling chicken gravy) and has a putrid stench
Man, my ass hurts, I got a bad case of chicken gravy.
by GreensboroMDMike August 10, 2006
to become inebriated from alcohol.
Hello, I got so dranked up off of that natty-bo last night
by GreensboroMDMike September 24, 2005
1 Thousand Dollars (1,000 Dollar Bills or 10 100.00 Bills)
Tommy: Yo, I flipped a G-Bird this weekend?
Mike: A Wha?
Tommy: a G-Bird.. you know a thousand dollars
by GreensboroMDMike September 12, 2005
A slang term for Filatio
James: I need a crucial topping!
by GreensboroMDMike August 31, 2005

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